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CAC3 series power connector uses clever plastic structure, which has become a simple, reliable and ideal choice for mating assembly with excellent sealing and electrical performance in high temperature and harsh LED industry and other coupled devices applications. The wire-to-board system connector with integrated socket screw holes can be installed in panel. 

The CAC3 series power connector can be sealed in the device panel, and in spatial location and orientation offers the best flexibility by eliminating additional power connector fastening device, simplifying the connector assembly. This rotary latch design uses an annular seal technology to meet or exceed industry requirements. The structure provides audible, tactile and visual feedback to ensure reliable mating and locking. 

CAC3 assembled plugs and sockets have silver plated contacts appearance, increase flexibility and reduce application cost through screw locking crimp.


● Fast and convenient twist locking system.
● Ergonomic latch design provides easy operation.
● Safe ,Electric shock resistant.
● Blind mating special polarization design (can be properly mated without looking).
● Using foolproof design on mating part Power input (blue) and Output (gray) to avoid short circuit.
● With audible click when locking engaged.
● UL certified.

● High current carrying capacity can mate 20 A / 250V AC coupler.
● With contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact.
● Waterproof rating IP65.
● Voltage rating 2500V.
● Impact resistant casing.
● Mating cycles≥1000 times.

● Adapting material wire range (OD : 6 ~ 10mm).
● Overmolding, Field Installable, Customized.
● Compatible with powerCON* connectors.



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