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500 Series

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CHOGORI 500 Series 10pin Connector is a signal transmission connector that can load 1A current. Due to the small size (only 14 mm diameter when mating) and convenient installation, it is favored by the majority of screen customers. With reliable performance, stable mating, withstand multiple mating cycles, low contact resistance and good impact resistance, this ensure the screen display effect. With waterproof grade over IP67, it ensures the long life span in outdoor environment. It is designed with Push lock type with spring and self locking in 0.5-1s in LED display application.

Compared to traditional screw mating way (5-8s), push lock type saves 50% both time and labor, and support single hand operation. Different color for Power-in and Power-out connectors can help for identification and avoid short circuit. With CCC and UL certificate, it is unimpeded in domestic and foreign markets, eliminating customer's worries.


● Fast and convenient self-locking system.
● Blind mating, special polarization design.
● Ergonomic Design.
● UL certified.
● With audible click when locking is engaged.
● Small size.

● Current : 1A.
● Copper alloy contact, gold plated, low contact resistance.
● Waterproof rating IP67.
● Impact resistant casing.
● Mating cycles≥500 times.
● UV aging.
● Operating Temperature : -40~105℃.

● Adapting various material wire range. (Field InstallableType OD : 2.9~6.3mm, Overmolding type:2.9~6.3mm).
● Available in Overmolding and Field Installable Type.



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