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Solar Connectors

Standard Series

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Standard circular connectors designed to withstand harsh industrial and climatic environment, its superior quality ensures reliable connection for the industrial machinery and equipment, marine electronics, LED display of power and signal control components.

This high quality connector can insert and withdraw simply and quickly. Addition to the lock bayonet and screw type docking type, the push-locking connection can also be simple and fast plug in and out. Pins from 2 to 12 can satisfy the various requirements of different customers.

All the products are manufactured with high quality materials to meet the various requirements of different environments, the plastic material used is high performance PA66, male pins used is excellent mechanical properties of phosphor bronze assembly with good electrical conductivity brass. The entire surface gold-plated with 4u"-20u", its superior mechanical properties ensure long effective application with insert and extract lifetime up to 3000 times.

Also, Standard connector has a good performance in waterproof, 5 sealing structure making its waterproof rating reached IP68 standards, and thus it is ideal for indoor and outdoor harsh working environment.



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