Maluan Mount Tracing

release time:10.28 2013source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

Do you want to know some good pace to go in Shenzhen where we can close to nature and have delicious food? The sales department of Shenzhen Chogori organized Maluan Mount suxi activity on 28th Oct, the best time for outdoor activity in Shenzhen. We 14 people set out to Maluan Mount at 8:00am, the sky is blue and air is fresh with soft wind. There are high mountains and lofty hills, flourishing woods and tall bamboo bushes, clear stream reflected on each other. We went along with the stream to find its source, sometimes crossed the stream, sometimes bypassed the fantastic rock peaks in the forest, sometimes we climbed the rock and gave a favor to the one whom near. We enjoyed ourselves in the landscape, breathing the fresh air and singing the songs loudly.  We had the lunch in a farm house on the mount top, it was so pleased to eat the delicious food and enjoy the beautiful scenery. After had the lunch we returned the company and arrived at 6:00pm, everyone was exhausted but not felt good to the last drop and started to discuss the outdoor activity in the coming week.