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1. "HV" series connector and cable assembly are typically developed in the application of automobile, especially for high voltage and high current in hybrid car and electrical car.
2. High rating current: design with our Chogori patented Newsok socket contact technology to satisfy the high amperage transfer in the power cable, the strongest benet is high performance in carrying capacity & mating cycle, up to 10000 times.
3. Simple and operate well under limited space: connector design with push-pull coupling mechanism, easy to lock & unlock in limited space Excellent electromagnetism shield: design with all around glue of the cable, could enhance the reliability of power cable & outer insulator, since the highly shock & vibration when driving.
4. Operation temperature:-40 ~125 ℃.
5. Sealing: IP67, in mated condition.
6. Scoop-proof, satisfy the battery or electric box needed.
7. Metal push-pull system, locks with audible positive "click".
8. High dielectric withstand voltage :3000V AC ( up to 5000V appointed p/n).
9. Large product family: Rated current 60A~ 600A (cable section:10mm2 ~ 185mm2 ).
10. ROHS complaint.
11. Available in plug and receptacle for both male and female contacts.
1. Mating cycle>500 times ( up to 10000 times)
2. Vibration(GB-T2423.10-1995):
   3 axes: 55 -500Hz, 150m/s2, 30min, 60Hz, 200Hz, 150m/s2, 8min/axes, 24min all. Current non stop over 1us.
3. Shocks(TB 2761-1996-4.16):
   3 axes:10 - 40 cycles/min at 300m/s2, 10ms, over 1000 cycles/axes, 3000 cycles all. Current non stop over 1us.

1. Rating current: 60A~ 600A(cable section:10mm2~185mm2 ).
2. Operating voltage: 630V AC/DC (higher voltage can be customed).
3. Insulation resistance: 2000M Ω min.
4. Dielectric withstand voltage: 3000V(appointed p/n up to 5000V).
5. Available in shield & unshield type.

1. Operating temperature: -40~125 ℃, short term to 150 ℃.
2. Sealing: IP67.
3. Plastic inserts with ammability rating: UL94-V0.
4. Salt spray: 48 h, 96 h, (720 hours on special request).
5. ROHS complaint.

Power cable
1. Oil & temperature resistant; re retardant cable( orange color); ISO 6722-2006 stanard; Operating temperature: -40~125 ℃; Operating voltage: 600V; dielectric withstand voltage: >5000V.
2. Customer could provide cable, Chogori responsible for assemble & back shell glue sealing.

1. Shell in Aluminium alloy with zinc, nickel, anodic oxidation plating.
2. Insulator: Enhanced ame retardant thermoplastic.
3. Contacts: Copper alloy, silver plating.
4. Sealing: Rubber.