How Chogori build high-end new energy automotive connector from the starting to successfully became a public listed company

release time:08.10 2016source: Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

Under the background of the rapid development of Chinese new energy automobile industry, domestic enterprises with the strength of the new energy automotive connector have been rewarding in the first half of 2016. Chogori is one of typical delegate who focuses on the new energy automotive connectors. What’s more, our company successfully became a public listed company. The stock code is “838368”.

Beginning Stage: We have imported excellent technical personnel team as well as the "lean management philosophy".

From 2013, Chogori imported outstanding management and technical personnel team from well-known international connector companies and well-known North American car companies. Incorporating the world-famous "lean management philosophy", it gave Chogori the highest value in various operational processes. Eliminating waste with lean thinking, continuous improvement in all aspects of business processes by the use of standardized works, 5S, JI training, A3 thinking. Kanban and other Lean tools are used to enhance the customer concern about quality assurance, technical support, cost control and delivery services. Altogether, Chogori’s industrial connectors will create an international forged brand having a strong ability to solidify its foundation.

Developing Stage: To seize market opportunities, enhance international influence and competitiveness.

Chogori products patented technology are present in new and developing industries. We seize market opportunities, pushing the government to grasp the electric technology in the automotive field overtaking historic opportunity to use the new energy vehicle market. To expand related areas (such as high-voltage power distribution box and charging case) while expanding existing and balanced international and domestic markets. Creating a global sales platform, with “Lean Thinking” improve management, enhanced international influence and competitiveness.

Chogori new energy automotive connector: Key performance requirements of new energy vehicle connectors include temperature reliability, dynamic reliability, waterproof reliability, plug life etc. Chogori’s new energy automotive connectors have the following main products:

CT Series: 
Meet the American Standard of MIL-C-26482; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology; Widely used in automobiles, robots, military, welding industry and so on.

CGT Series:
Meet the standards of GJB600 (MIL-C-5015) ; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology; Fast bayonet mating connection, high reliability, long operating life and so on.

Metal Push-pull Type:
HV series of push-pull type circular electric connector;Its structure is pushed into the steel ball compression spring lock;Plug fast, convenient use, small volume, anti misplug, anti shock protection, environment resistance, beautiful appearance.

Energy Storage Connector:
Bearing the high current, Waterproof rating is above IP67, Push lock, Twice protection function; Mating cycle above 2,000 times; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology.

High Pressure Plastic Connector:  Meet the standards of GJB600 (MIL-C-5015); Connection mode for the bayonet, the contact part end is welded or plated; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology; Features of this connector is fast connection, high reliability, long operating life and so on.

MSD Manual Maintenance Switch: Excellent electrical insulation; Waterproof rating is above IP67; Wear-resisting, heat resistance, resistance to fatigue; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology.

Charging Gun/ Receptacle: Optimizing man-machine engineering design; IP65 waterproof rating; Meet the national standards of IEC62196/61850-2010; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology.

Simple hasp; 90 degree bend; 170 degree rotating end; Molded plastic is more cost-effective; combined model is more convenient; The socket contact adopts NEWSOK technology.

Future Stage: After the Third New Market, Chogori will continue to create 150 million sales in 2016

Chogori’s five core competitive advantages:

1. International professional management team, 
2. Innovation and quickly incorporating into lean operational processes 
3. Having core patented technology products
4. Global distribution channels 
5. Lean management to ensure quality

Having these five core competitive advantages, the rapid continuous improvement of technology, the level of management and marketing ability that will continue to accumulate with existing core patented technology, we shall provide customers with more valuable services. Because of these advantages, more and more customers choose Chogori connector solutions.

Due to the recent public listing, Chogori is more convinced that maintaining our current pace. In 2016, we are confident to complete the combined 150 million in sales and 250 million in 2017, an increase of 60% per year. This is our expectation in the ever growing future market.