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CHOGORI Large 3+9 Pins Cconnector is power and signal mixed series connector, Which can cater a high current up to 20A, and can transmit data signal in stable condition. Compared to the conventional separate power and signal connectors, the amount of connector is reduced by half, not only saves the cost of the display material, but also reduced 1/3 wiring of inner screen, effectively reducing the assembling time and the difficulty of construction. In addition to lower costs, it also makes the screen clean and thin and reduce points of failure, reducing after-sales maintenance costs.

● Fast and convenient self-locking system.
● Blind Mating, special polarization design.
● Ergonomic Design.
● Using foolproof design or mating pairs (input and output) to avoid short circuit.
● Offers mixed power and signal combinations to adapt to the special requirements of various customers.
● UL certified.
● With audible click when locking is engage.

● High current carrying capacity can reach 20A/250V AC.
● Copper alloy contact, gold plated, low contact resistance.
● Waterproof rating IP67.
● Impact resistant casing.
● Mating cycles≥500 times.
● UV aging.

● Adapting various material wire range range. (Field Installable Type OD : 6.5~10.5mm, Overmolding type : 4.0~13mm ).
● Available in Overmolding and Field Installable Type.


Large3+9 Connector is a classic representative of power signal mixed style, widely used in the industries of LED Rental Screen and LED Small spacing display favored by majority of customers. For example, the 600 square display showed in Russia Kursk was made of large 3+9 connectors which adds brilliant color to the frozen city.